The Soul of Design

NEW | For what is a home really, but our soul’s residence in the outer world? Using design to bring out the innermost parts of ourselves, Lisa Staprans creates layered spaces that envelope, heal, and nurture.

By weaving the spiritual and the scientific worlds together, The Soul of Design looks at everything from the use of ritual to the latest science on the connection between the brain, design, and wellness. Equal parts personal history, manifesto, and luxurious illustration, this book places Staprans as the leading spokesperson for the neuroscience of beauty. Set in the hills and redwood forests of Northern California, aided by collaborations with artisans, furniture makers, and architects, and guided by a keen mind and sensitive spirit, The Soul of Design answers the deeper questions about what design is truly capable of.

Lisa Staprans is the design director and CEO of Staprans Design. She has over 25 years of interior design experience, working on high-profile, residential, and commercial projects around the country, and winning numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects. This is her first book.